picnic press release

August 25, 2009

The themed picnics are an idea originally conceived by blink creative enterprise, a new artist-led company directed by contemporary artists Laura Dean, Bob Meddings and media artist Nicky Connor. 

blink  deliver creative events through art exhibitions, art collaboratives, public installations and community projects.  

blink fuses traditional art skills with new technologies to create memorable work that draws together an audience of diverse people.    

 Laura and Bob say, ‘We have a lot of varied art experience between us and create ideas from our curiosity and openness to life around us… We’re always looking for unlikely approaches to ways of working, and work with people who also seek to combine skills and share knowledge – we encourage voices to bring in new dialogue”


current event

August 24, 2009


happening this week @ ryton organic gardens coventry

happening this week @ ryton organic gardens coventry