blink gallery

September 29, 2009

blink 28-09-09


blink and MA Off-site (Art-Citizens Project)

In association with A Thing About Machines Festival

Warmest of thanks to the great, the good and the darn right lovely for their support.

It was a good night when blink opened its doors to a wider audience on Thursday night.  We’re [blink’s] forever banging on about ‘open dialogue’ and promoting situations where people are left to respond and discuss the content of their immediate surroundings – well this was one of those times.  In that way, it was a successful event – people came, responded and talked through the night.

Unsuspecting passers-by were also invited in, resulting in them questioning the whole event and asking for justification of it compared to ‘life’s real considerations’.  We discussed the point, left them to experience the space and its content and then re-grouped.  Their responses became more relevant to the reality of the event, peppered with moments of real enjoyment – although clearly they still couldn’t eat a whole one..! It was a good outcome with regard to our intention of connecting with people outside of an informed art audience.  We made new accidental friends and they’ll come again – and next time they said they’d ‘tell their mates…

Laura Dean.