BA students in blink gallery october 2009

November 4, 2009

I’m teaching the 1st year BA Lens-based Media project at Coventry University, and after 3 weeks of focused engagement felt the students and I would benefit from working outside the studio environment.  The reasons were two-fold really, one, to give them a change of space, and two, to shake them out of their familiar procedures and help mix up their thinking.   The idea was to act out some artistic intervention which does tend to get the ol’ creative juices flowing.

So, I took them to our blink premises in the City Arcade, and initially talked with them about the current work on show.  The work links directly to their lens-based projects and transformative processes, and we talked about how the images began as cinematic imagery, photography and stylised drawings, and then underwent several processes of transformation.  There were many questions…

The group then settled in and swapped their work to physically intervene with each other’s images by using familiar and unfamiliar techniques.  We discussed how intervention into someone else’s work can be useful in urging potentially untapped, feared, unfamiliar, unconscious approaches to the image surface, and can therefore be applied to their own work.  Some found it difficult to invade into another’s created image – this teased out some interesting points of view – in fact, many and varied observations were offered up.

I’m hoping this exercise has freed up their heads and will somehow inform their presentations next week, but I’m guessing the actual highlight of the session was that I suggested we break for lunch early…!

laura dean

BA students working on and discussing their intervention into each others work…


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