solo exhibition: bob meddings

November 17, 2009

Outside In

The moon revisited: real time video

There’s something about the moon. Resident of collective sub-consciousness and quietude, its perpetual waxing and waning forces us to question its significance in many aesthetic, environmental and cultural forms.

This real time video attempts to locate and suspend common thoughts with regard to art and locality. ‘Outside In’ pulls the viewer in for a closer look, where – flushed of colour and distraction – the only light is the shifting image of the moon and the reflections and shadows that are subsequently created in this immersive space.†

Tranquil window

14 minutes: time-lapse video

As night gives way to day – light tiptoes slowly in with a warm humility, to penetrate the room.

It took 6 months of early rising (4.59 a.m. to be precise) to film the perfect dawn. The work is unapologetic in that it was conceived in loss, shifting emotions and saying goodbyes. An hour condensed into 14 minutes – all that is asked of the viewer for this time-lapse piece – is the investment of time.

november 2009.



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