Gian Paolo Cottino

Unit 1 is in a state of flux but is presently occupied by blink creative enterprise – it is a place ‘in between’ and therefore I feel able to work freely.

I am using this location to experiment with physical space, the imagined space and the inhabitation of, or movement across, place.

My interests lie in how our thoughts and imagination create images and places, and in how places already contain parts of our imagination. My dialogue with these ideas will build through a visual language that describes the nature of the place in which I find myself in relation to my own thoughts and imagination.

The process will begin with my arrival in the physical space, exploring its layout, history and current use.  I will then initiate ways of building layers of imaginative sediment, creating a landscape of connections, rather than an imposition on the space.

I am considering 3 sculptural installations with a view to show/share them near the end of the residency.  These ideas will be realised as mixed media artworks that will be built in Unit 1, seen in Unit 1 and remain manifest to my ideas, dreams and visions.