blink used as case study!

February 8, 2010

‘mad hatters tea party’

blink in collaboration with E4C  used as case study by The National Lottery




“… by today’s standards a one off.” Kerri Niner, audience member.

John Taylor, BIG’s Head of Region for the West Midlands, added: “There are so many creative, thoughtful people out there doing so much for communities with little to fund their efforts. That’s where we are proud to step in and help get projects off to a good start.”

In August 2009, blink creative enterprise created and facilitated a pilot project called `The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ in collaboration with Education 4 conservation (E4C), the event’s recipient of Big Lottery funding.  However, as we are a new social enterprise and this was originally a blink initiative –  with the support of E4C  – we are seeking funding in our own right.

 The picnics are designed to encourage richness in community spirit, drawing a diverse, intergenerational audience together through a shared event.  We fuse old skills with new technologies to create immersive environments that take audiences on a journey of discovery.  The picnic is over one day and based on a story where performers set the scene for a magical collective experience. These events are fully participatory and combine performance, large scale interactive games, food, song and both traditional and contemporary art activities.


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