blink have created and developed a project with a positive community impact to be set in the city arcade. This is a space that holds the memory of a well known city landmark – ‘the birdcage’. The birdcage left such an impression that the space is still referred to locally as ‘where the birdcage used to be’. 

blink’s premises sit on the old birdcage site and have become known as ‘the gallery next to where the birdcage used to be’..!

blink have been researching the city archives and have also been collating recollections and images from local residents.  This personal data has really enriched the project and we continue to collect more. 

In fact, we would love to receive your or your family’s photos and/or written memories of the birdcage and the city arcade from the last 4 decades – rest assured everything we receive is precious to us…

So far, we have some fascinating stuff and thank you to all who have contributed… All of you will be embedded in the project always…

laura dean

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April 12, 2010

blink on ‘bbc radio’

April 11, 2010

blink’s laura dean, bob meddings and nicky connor were guests on bbc radio, cov and warwick last week.  We took the 11.40am slot on annie othen’s show on thursday april  8th to talk about what blink does, and to heighten public awareness of our gallery space in the city arcade, coventry. 

It went well – we said most of what we wanted to in 10 minutes, and importantly – none of us disgraced our family names!

hear it on >

laura dean

laura dean

synchronicity; it was a good day when…

…the blink gallery sign went up, and brought a stronger sense of place and intention to both the space – and – as far as the public are concerned – to the blink organisation itself.

This [unintentionally] synchronised with the opening of ‘testing communication’, an exciting, critically engaged, cohesive and popular show,  born from the rich and culturally diverse imaginations of 3 emerging artists – Dan Simcox, Osama Suleiman, Wanqi Yan – and with some invaluable guidance from established artist, George Saxon…

A subtly significant night for blink, where invited guests and passers-by alike came to see the show, and small, but potent conversations on blink’s and Coventry’s creative future were had.

As ever, good to see everyone…

laura dean