If the dialogue ends, everything ends…

blink was founded and run by creative practitioners Laura Dean, Nicky Connor and Bob Meddings who have a combined arts background in fine art, media art, design, photography, live performance and teaching in higher education. 

blink is no more but has grown into other lovely things!  Watch this space for a full update…

This site is an archive of our three years with blink as artists/curators/writers and project managers.  During this time we had a one year tenure in a space supported by, and with thanks to Coventry Artspace,  Lottery UK and Coventry City Council.  This space was a large two-storey building based in Coventry city centre and delivered a critically informed programme of cross-disciplinary arts events.

blink’s projects involved working with designated sites; an experimental indoor urban space, a white cube gallery space, and a large outdoor rural space [used as a Big Lottery case study for community arts projects – see projects page].  Each space was approached as site-sensitive and continually re-shaped through work in fine art, new media, installation, video, film, digital media and live performance.

Our gallery space was designed to support established and emerging artists who reflected best practice in contemporary art through their approach to, and realisation of, their work.  The space simultaneously acted as a test ground for postgraduates, undergraduates and volunteers interested in the arts to play out ideas, exhibit work and attract new art audiences by facilitating engagement with the passing public.

blink’s  projects developed from curiosity and openness to subject-matter, and were conceived as events to draw a diverse audience together.  We welcomed unlikely approaches to ways of working and urged new voices to bring in fresh dialogue. We also worked with an existing network of established and emerging creative practitioners and subject specialists with whom blink developed close working relationships over a number of years – and all of whom we’d like to heartily thank for their support.

Selected collaborations:

Coventry University MA Off-Site projects

blink supported Coventry University’s MA Of-Site Projects working with Darryl Georgiou: MA programme leader/senior lecturer/practitioner and George Saxon; MA lecturer/practitioner.  The project was :    ‘ A programme of site-sensitive work for people in the city and beyond.  MA Off-site encourages ‘Art-Citizens’ to create temporary spaces where artists and designers can share their products and ideas with the wider public…’  Darryl Georgiou, MA Programme Leader.  

MA students at blink

This programme was framed within the context of postgraduate research and projects, and highlighted how such spaces as ours could offer the opportunity to look at where their practice sat in a wider context.

BA students at blink

blink‘s Laura Dean was teaching BA students at Coventry University and invited them off-site to use the space as  a studio and gallery which culminated in a series of critical talks and presentations.  They were also invited to work on projects with established and emerging artists and MA students.

Youth volunteers at blink

These young volunteers had an interest in the arts and were from the local community.  They became a part of each project development process through assisting with practical solutions, and as part of the ongoing creative dialogue.   Many went on to foundation studies in Art and Design or work as apprentices in the creative sector.

Emerging Artists at blink

The space created a platform for emerging artists to show their work.  We also invited established artists to test new ideas and involve emerging artists, students and volunteers in their process.  Some of the professionals continue to mentor individuals.

Education 4 Conservation and blink

The directors of blink remain allied to E4C, an established environmental social enterprise which operates nationally and internationally, bringing people and nature together through art and new technologies.    We wrote and delivered a community project with E4C that took the form of performative picnics.  They were designed to help address issues of social isolation and reinforcement of community spirit through drawing an intergenerational audience together through a shared event. 

blink continue to work with E4C ‘s on their Wild Echoes Project. This is an acoustic project which combines youth group survival activities with the wider use of experimental sound in interdisciplinary artistic activities.

The acoustic element is in partnership with Illustrious Company’s Future of Sound,  which was established by Martyn Ware [founder member of both The Human League and Heaven 17] and Vince Clarke (member of Erasure, Yazoo and Depeche Mode) two of the leading figures in electronic music. Conversations between blink and Martyn Ware revealed common ground that looked at wider use of experimental sound in interdisciplinary artistic activities.


e: lauradean@talktalk.net

t: 07940 281 361

blink gallery

Unit One,

City Arcade,



© blink 2009


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