KINO OXO presents Test install: Collisions by George Saxon and Darryl Georgiou

blink gallery level 2

blink gallery level 2


blink gallery level 2

blink gallery level 2

blink gallery level 2

blink gallery level 2

blink gallery level 2



mid level

stairs to gallery level 2mid levelmid level mid level

gallery ground level

gallery ground level

gallery ground level

gallery ground level

gallery ground level


























Interim by Ian Madeley, may 2010

by Ian Madeley” src=”” alt=”” width=”460″ height=”718″ />

lost & found, april 2010

‘testing communication’ by dan simcox, osama suleiman, wanqi yan

documentation by alan van-wijgerden

the above exhibition was prompted by the talk shown below

coventry university’s ma in contemporary art at blink, thursday, 11.3.10

March 21, 2010

It’s not magic, it’s work…

As part of the Professional Context module, lecturers and practitioners, George Saxon and Mitra Memarzia brought their MA students to blink gallery.  Students interacted with the current exhibition, which was followed by a talk delivered by blink’s Laura Dean and Nicky Connor.

The talk was framed within the context of postgraduate research and projects, and highlighted how such spaces as ours offer the opportunity to look at where their practice sits in a wider context.  We talked of how working with a new space demands that the artist tackle new challenges that span between the highly creative and the most practical of decisions.  We unpacked the idea that work is only ever an imagined space until it’s actually tried out, and how externalising it practically is useful in getting to know and develop practice.

We emphasised the importance of practitioners taking responsibility for, and nurturing their careers, and the necessity to be familiar with contemporary art critique. We also highlighted the use of open and ongoing dialogue between practitioners, and how working with creatives from other disciplines can urge unusual ways of working and may enrich and inform practice.  Throughout, there was valuable input from George Saxon and Mitra Memarzia.

This contextualised a previous talk given by blink’s Bob Meddings in late 2009, which set out how the 3 of us came together and how blink came to be.

laura dean

artist in residence gian paolo cottino, march 2010

Watch by Dan Simcox, January 2010

Snow Light by George Saxon, December 2009

blink gallery opening as part of  A Thing about Machines, September 2009

M.A. Off-site as part of A Thing about Machines, September 2009

blink gallery opening, September 24th 2009


themed picnic event,August 24th-28th 2009




August 24, 2009

themed picnics for all

happening this week @ ryton organic gardens coventry
“… by today’s standards a one off.” Kerri Niner, audience member.

 Supported by The Big Lottery and used as a Lottery Case Study

In August 2009, blink creative enterprise created and facilitated a pilot project called `The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party’ in collaboration with Education 4 conservation (E4C), the event’s recipient of Big Lottery funding.  However, as we are a new social enterprise and this was originally a blink initiative –  with the support of E4C  – we are seeking funding in our own right.

The picnics are designed to encourage richness in community spirit, drawing a diverse, intergenerational audience together through a shared event.  We fuse old skills with new technologies to create immersive environments that take audiences on a journey of discovery.  The picnic is over one day and based on a story where performers set the scene for a magical collective experience. These events are fully participatory and combine performance, large scale interactive games, food, song and both traditional and contemporary art activities.


blink creative enterprise limited

Education4Conservation Limited

Event Hosts:

Garden Organic, Ryton Gardens


blink would like to thank…All Funders, Hosts, Sponsors, Supporters and Volunteers:

Details of all collaborators available through emailing:



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